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Handy Heater – portable home heater, operating on the principle of a fan. It features high energy efficiency: the device can heat a room area up to 23 square metres in just 15 minutes. However, he does not dry the air, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

To buy a portable heater Handy Heater is a convenient solution for those who are tired of being cold due to inadequate heating of the home or office. Compact size and light weight allow you to take the device with you, set it in any area of the room or move on their own. The device meets international standards of quality and safety requirements for heating equipment.

Use cases

Handy Heater

A portable heater can rightly be considered the most versatile option for home heating. It is easy to use:

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  1. In the country, if it is only used in the warm time of the year. In country houses it is not always advisable to connect a Central heating system during the cold snap is enough to turn a compact fan heater.
  2. At work, if the room is cool, and the heating system is not powerful. Portable fan is the economical use of electricity, this will provide comfort to all the staff in the room.
  3. In the apartment, to heat separate areas. Feeling cold in the extremities can indicate poor circulation, low hemoglobin levels, diseases of the endocrine system – if any of these pathologies a person needs an additional source of heat. To provide it, you can buy a heater Handy Heater.

The portable heater not only provides comfort but also protects the health of all household members. It eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air. The price of the device Handy Heater for heating is slightly higher than the standard heaters.

The properties of the model Handy Heater

For reviews, for portable heater in the cottage Handy Heater characterized by the following features:

  • compact size;
  • easy adjustment of the direction of heat flow;
  • efficient consumption of electricity;
  • rapid heating of the air in the room;
  • protective screen, ensuring the safety of the user.

Key features Handy Heater

On the official website of the manufacturer provides specifications for the heater Handy Heater:

  • heating of premises with total area of 23 m2 for 15 minutes;
  • maintains the temperature of the air in the room at +32 degrees;
  • built-in backlight;
  • screen with protection from burns;
  • instant turn on;
  • reduced power consumption (8 times less than using a conventional heater, according to the manufacturer).

How the device works Handy Heater

How to claim real traveler reviews, portable heater Handy Heater is a hybrid of conventional fan and heater. After connecting to the mains it produces a stream of cold air. Heating element quickly reaches operating temperature and transmits it to the air flow. That spreads throughout the room, creating a comfortable microclimate.

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A distinctive feature of the device is economical in power consumption. It is due to the use of innovative technologies that minimize accidental loss of heating of the housing. As a result, the device provides heat to the room 15 minutes after switching on.

Injected stream of air allows to create a uniform temperature in all areas of the room. Because of this, the device does not have to move from place to place or choose a special area for its installation. It does not contain fuel vapor, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and any other combustion products, so it is safe even when used in a small room.

Rules of connection and operation

In each package of the device is a manual to the heater Handy Heater. Before operating the device you need to carefully read this document, check the equipment and the integrity of all elements. In the presence of traces of a fault, damage to the insulation of the winding to turn on the appliance to the network is strictly prohibited.

Those who bought Geeks, say that to understand the rules of its operation is very simple. The device should be protected from shock, dust and moisture. It can be connected to a separate power supply 220-240 V.

It is forbidden to use the device in the immediate vicinity of a bath, shower, swimming pool. The humidity in the room should not exceed 93%. Otherwise, the corrosion processes will lead to the need of non-warranty repairs.

It is forbidden to leave a heater on without supervision, cover it in textiles, use for drying clothes. It is recommended to install device not less than 0.5 m from flammable objects, like curtains, furniture and synthetic materials.

The advantages of heater Handy Heater

Heater for the home and garden Geeks quickly attracted attention on the domestic appliances market. There are several reasons:

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  1. The portability of the device. It can be easily moved around the house, heating only the area where there are tenants.
  2. Compact size. The device is easy to take along for the ride AZ city or country.
  3. The simplicity of operation. In contrast to the centralized heating system, the radiator does not require a long and time-consuming installation – it is simple enough to include.
  4. High speed of heating. It allows to considerably reduce the time of operation of the appliance.
  5. Affordable price Handy Heater for holiday homes. It is comparable with other models of the heating equipment for the home. But, given the economical consumption of electricity, the new product costs much cheaper.
  6. Protection from accidental burns. A special filter prevents injury to person or Pets during operation of the heater.
  7. Convenient control of heat flow. The device is rotated in different directions, allowing you to monitor a specific Parking zone.

Where to find device Handy Heater?

Find out where to buy energy saving heater Handy Heater, just. It is sold on the official website of the manufacturer. To order a portable heater Geeks, enough to leave contact details and address. The company itself organizes the delivery by regions and report the track number.


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